The MudOx


"In 2014, we had a very wet fall and I could see we were going to have problems with the combine getting stuck. I went to Minnehan Metal Works and asked Anthony if he could develop a product to replace the chains the implement dealer recommended. The system he developed makes it easy to hook on and pull. It is attached to the front axle at a lower pull point to pull evenly and prevent damage to grain augers under the combine. The system has been effective in the most difficult situations we have had. We have used it on a 600 HP tractor without failure. The cable kit is high quality workmanship and easy to install. We are on our third combine trade and the MudOx has transferred each time." -Quentin M. Churdan, Iowa

"I recently purchased a MudOx for an S790 Deere combine at Minnehan Metal Works. It was easy to install and we felt the design of the mount was a perfect match for our machine. We did need to use it in the fall of 2018, and it worked flawlessly. It put less stress on the machine as it is pulling from the front axle area. I would recommend it to anyone." - Jay O. Jefferson, Iowa"

"Excellent product! Great company and people." - Larry M. Thor, Iowa


"We bought a cable kit. On the second day of combining with the kit installed, we had to use it and it worked wonderfully." - Andy C. Latimer, Iowa



Iowa Ag Producer, Troy P.


Iowa Ag Producer, Don F.

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The MudOx in action

Customer Video - It only took this customer 20 minutes to pull out his combine while using the MudOx

The Story Behind the MudOx Combine Cable Kit

   In 2014, we had a customer who needed a safe way to pull his combine out of the mud. We designed the MudOx combine cable kit for his machine. That customer has traded combines three times and our cable kit was transferred onto each one. We have since sold hundreds of cable kits to customers throughout the Midwest.


  When your combine is stuck in the mud, the MudOx pulls the combine out safely without damaging the undercarriage. We apply our heavy duty ideas to each product we design, and the MudOx is no different. It is easy to install and easy to use. We recently re-designed the kit so it has a more compact fit on the combine and can be engaged in an even more efficient way. Case IH and John Deere kits are available. Other types of combine towing kits can be made by request. 

 We recommend educating yourself on safe towing practices to minimize risk. We now sell monofilament tow ropes which reduce the risk of recoil.


*The only heavy duty cable kit 

 on the market

*Affordable combine protection

*Hundreds of satisfied customers

*Peace of mind for when you get 

 stuck during harvest

*Easy to install

*Great customer service 

*Shipping and PayPal available